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Hello!  Buongiorno!  Guten Tag!  Hola!  Bonjour!

Welcome to my life and my journey through Europe.  This is the very first website I have ever developed and what you are looking at is my first draft.  I know it's pretty basic but since I'm not a web developer - this is as good as it will get for the time being.  This will continually be a "work in progress."  As I find the time I will continue to make improvements to the design and functionality.

The navigation options at the top should be fairly obvious as to their content with the following 3 exceptions:


1. TRAVEL BLOGS & PHOTOS:  If you were not on my e-mail distro list during my few years of traveling in Europe, then this section is for you.  This contains every summary e-mail and country update I have written.  It also contains all of the photos that I sent out on e-mail.  This section is organized by country. 

2. MY MUSIC:  I have not recorded any new songs for many years, but I did upload a few files from a couple CD's I made.  At some point I will hopefully do more recording, so check this section in the future for updates.

3. CONDO RENTALS I own several high-end investment/rental properties in Orlando, Florida - and this section contains photos and information on each one.  If you are looking for a rental, I may have a place for you.


Well, my real name is John Salvatore Camp.  Since I have recently spent an extended amount of time in Italy, my Italian friends started calling me Giovanni (the Italian name for John).  A while back I started labeling all of my photos with the name 'Giovanni Salvatore' as a joke, and somehow it stuck.  I guess you can say that Giovanni Salvatore is my European alter-ego.  :-)

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