Condo Rentals - Downtown Orlando, Florida  (USA)

       If you are viewing this section, then you were most likely directed here from one of my rental advertisements, which must mean one of my properties is currently available!  This may seem like an odd section to have on my personal website, however it will save me from continually sending e-mails containing photos and information regarding my rental properties whenever one becomes available.

     Due to market conditions over the past several years, I no longer own as many downtown properties as I once did.  (But check this section over the next couple years as I hope to build my inventory back up).  At one point or another I have lived in each of my rental units.  When I move, the furniture typically stays and it becomes a furnished rental.

     This section will not list which units are currently available as that is continually changing, however you can click on any of the property links below to view information along with many photos of that particular unit.



Waverly Unit 2202

The Waverly: Penthouse #1

Waverly Unit 2201

The Waverly: Penthouse #2