John Camp's Albums - iTunes Instructions

If you would like to download either of the Christmas CDs to your hard drive and/or iTunes, here are the full downloadable zip files for each one.  They are large files, so only download these if you have a high speed internet connection.  (Christmas 1999 is 91 mb and Christmas 2000 is 72 mb).  The instuctions for downloading and adding to iTunes are below:

Christmas 1999 ZIP File

Christmas 2000 ZIP File


   1. Click on either of the CD files above and choose ‘Save’, saving the zip file to your hard drive.

   2. Once downloaded, go to your hard drive and double click the zip file, then click 'Extract'.

   3. In the top left corner, click ‘New Folder’.  Name the folder whatever you’d like and then click ‘Extract’ at the bottom. 

   4. Now open iTunes, click ‘File’ and then ‘Add Folder to Library’.

   5. Find the folder containing the songs and click ‘Select Folder’.  All songs are now added to your library.

   6. Now find Track #1 in your iTunes music list.  Highlight it and click on ‘File’, ‘Get Info’.

   7. Click on the ‘Artwork’ tab, click ‘Add’, and then go back into the folder on your hard drive and chose the .jpg file.

   8. iTunes will now attach this cover art to all of the songs - and you're done!