European Music

As I have been traveling around Europe over the last few years, I have collected quite a bit of music in many different countries.  I have really come to love European music!  The selections below are some of my favorites.  They are organized alphabetically (by country).  If you click on the name of the song, it will either open your Media Player, or open another webpage to play (depending on your browser).  You will also notice that I tagged 10 of the songs as a "Top 10 Favorite".

1.  Croatia

Goran Karan

Goran Karan:  Nisam te vrijedan                                            **Top 10 Favorite**

Goran Karan:  Kao da te ne volim






Arash:  Temptation





2.  England


Keane:  Everybody's Changing




3.  France

Roch Voisine 

Roch Voisine:  Tant Pis                                                                    **Top 10 Favorite**





Romeo & Juliette 

Romeo & Juliette:  Le Balcon                                                       **Top 10 Favorite**

Romeo & Juliette:  Les Rois Du Monde



4.  Germany

TagTraumer          TagTraumer:  Come Into My Life

TagTraumer:  Die Zeit Heilt Nicht Alle Wunden

TagTraumer:  Kleines Wunder                                                    **Top 10 Favorite**

TagTraumer:  Sieh In Mein Herz


5.  Iceland

EuroVision Iceland 

Iceland Eurovision:  Eldur                                                            **Top 10 Favorite**

Iceland Eurovision:  Oran Komu Aldrei




6.  Ireland


Iona:  When I Survey


7.  Italy


Blue:  A Chi Mi Dice





Eros Ramazzotti 

Eros Ramazzotti:  Canzone Per Lei

Eros Ramazzotti:  I Belong to You

Eros Ramazzotti:  Piccola Pietra                                            **Top 10 Favorite**



Laura Pausini 

Laura Pausini:  Invece No                                                            **Top 10 Favorite**





Paola & Chiara 

Paola & Chiara:  A Modo Mio





Tiziano Ferro 

Tiziano Ferro:  Non Me Lo So Spiegare                                      **Top 10 Favorite**

Tiziano Ferro:  Salutandotiaffogo



8.  Latvia

J. Stever 

J. Stever:  Mhe Chntcr Opmana





9.  Portugal

Andre Sardet 

Andre Sardet:  Quando Eu Te Falei De Amor

Beto Cuevas 

Beto Cuevas:  Fugir dos meus medos


KLB:  Um Anjo

10.  Romania

DJ Project 

DJ Project:  Privirea ta                                                                **Top 10 Favorite**




11.  Scotland


Runrig:  Loch Lomond





12.  Slovenia

Rok Kosmac 

Roc Kosmac:  Verjami

13.  Spain

Alejandro Sanz

         Alejandro Sanz:  Lo Ves






Sergio Dalma


Sergio Dalma:  Esa Chica Es Mía



14.  Sweden

Nanne Gronvall 

Nanne Gronvall:  Hall Om Mig





Sweden Eurovision 

Sweden Eurovision:  Bara hon alskar mig                                **Top 10 Favorite**





15.  Switzerland

Francine Jordi 

Francine Jordi:  Nur Wer Träumen Kann

Francine Jordi:  Und Die Rosen Hörten Alles

16.  Turkey


Ozgun:  Yillar Yili